With 15 years’ of experience (and counting) in property management and 12 years of hands-on experience in masonry and construction, Sean brings a unique perspective to his work, which he describes as being able to interpret his clients’ needs. As Property Manager for Outlook Management Group, LLC, AMO®, he has a passion for solving problems and offering solutions that exceed expectations.

Sean likes to tackle challenges head-on with a no-nonsense approach, as evident in his motto, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” His work occupies the majority of his life, as he never gives up trying to problem-solve or develop new solutions to intriguing situations. As a Certified Property Manager (CPM®), Sean has the recognition of his industry to apply best practices to his work.

Sean brings a unique sense of humor to the Outlook Management Group, LLC, AMO® team, which he credits in part to his years of residential and commercial property management. In these environments, anything can happen and usually does. The years of adapting to the unexpected have given Sean flexibility, positivity, and expertise in the technicalities of property management.