Heidi brings a broad range of accounting experience to Outlook Management Group, LLC, AMO®, having worked more than 20 years in areas that have included auditing, budgeting, financial analysis, and office management. Her experience includes work in small manufacturing, casino gaming, commercial architecture, commercial real estate, and the nonprofit sector. Heidi is driven by diligence and persistence in seeing that every client’s finances are maintained according to strict standards and ethics.

Her official title is Accounting Manager, but around the office, Heidi is also known as the Number Cruncher and Problem Solver. She frequently assists clients with day-to-day issues as well as unusual and complex accounting strategies. Her goal is to ensure that each client’s accounts are transparent and adhere to industry best practices.

Heidi enjoys being a team player and bringing a sense of humor to her work, and is eager to help her colleagues when she can. Out of the office, she spends her time reading mysteries and suspense, enjoying her family, boating and fishing, and socializing with friends. Heidi also describes herself as a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan.